About the Clinic

The Buckinghamshire Stroke Clinic is a private medical clinic run by Dr Matthew Burn, Consultant Stroke Physician. We offer specialised clinical care of the highest standard, understanding that each patient is an individual and treating them accordingly.

Referrals are welcomed for the assessment and management of patients with suspected TIA or Stroke, including conditions that can “mimic” a TIA, such as migraine, syncope (fainting), or partial seizures. Referrals are also welcomed regarding stroke prevention, including a review of risk factors for stroke, and management of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Atrial Fibrillation (irregular heart rhythm).

The clinic is characterised by:

  • A careful diagnostic approach, facilitated by having seen thousands of patients with Stroke/TIA and with conditions mimicking Stroke/TIA over 15+ years as a Stroke Consultant
  • A detailed evaluation into the underlying cause of the Stroke or TIA, including in cases of “Young Stroke” (<60 yrs) where the causes are often different
  • An individualised treatment plan, tailored where possible to the precise cause of the Stroke or TIA
  • Intensive risk factor control to minimise the risk of Stroke recurrence
  • A team approach to clinical care, for example involving neurological physiotherapists and neuropsychologists as necessary
  • Where appropriate, such as in the frail elderly, a more pragmatic approach which may include reducing medication

Dr Burn has built up strong links with other medical specialists in Buckinghamshire and Thames Valley, and in particular Radiologists, Vascular Surgeons, and Cardiologists specialising in procedures to prevent stroke such as closure of a “hole in the heart” (Patent Foramen Ovale).